Baxter Healthcare – Apatech

It's been a busy month shooting for Baxter with a few days in the lab shooting behind the scenes of Apatech - always fascinating to see what goes on throughout the different processes. It takes an hour for me to get through the changing room where I emerge looking like an astronaut! My equipment gets the best clean ever as everything has to be spotless before I enter the 'clean' room (it's like something from a sci fi movie) ! The other week I spent a day at Kew - Baxter Education Centre with friendly staff demonstrating the processes of putting in a line - I love to learn while on a shoot.  These shots will be used as poster throughout the Apatech building in Borehamwood. I have included a few behind the scene shots to show me in action.  


01 02 03 04 05 09 Lab Technician, Apatech - Baxter Healthcare

Behind the scene at Apatech

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