I was back working behind the scenes of one of Baxter's Healthcare labs this week.  I often walk pass the images that I have taken.  It's always nice to see the images being used and in large format.  The images on the walls reflex the operations that are happening in the room adjacent to the images.

DSC_9363 DSC_9364 DSC_9366


I had the pleasure once again working with Simon from C.W Dixey & Sons.  It's been a few years now shooting for Simon photographing frames for his website.  It made a change going behind the scenes and capturing the process of the quality control that he provides for each and every frame.  It was fascinating to see the attention to detail in the measuring and placing of the dots that go onto the frames.

It was one of those far occasions where I got to see the actual 'Coat of Arms' - at this point I knew it was time to remove my bone china cup and saucer from the table and put those white gloves on!

CW Dixey & Sons CW Dixey & Sons CW Dixey & Sons CW Dixey & Sons DSC_8833-bw

It’s been a busy start to December working for several new clients. I had an unusual day shooting for e-on, which involved lots of walking around London shooting pipes and what seems like a mini power station. Their base in Farringdon, unknown to me before, supplies most of the energy to the surrounding areas. I even visited the entrance to the MI5 building which appeared in the James Bond movie Skyfall. You never know what goes on beneath your feet!

DSC_7256xDSC_7272-xDSC_7375x DSC_7373x

It's been a busy month shooting for Baxter with a few days in the lab shooting behind the scenes of Apatech - always fascinating to see what goes on throughout the different processes. It takes an hour for me to get through the changing room where I emerge looking like an astronaut! My equipment gets the best clean ever as everything has to be spotless before I enter the 'clean' room (it's like something from a sci fi movie) ! The other week I spent a day at Kew - Baxter Education Centre with friendly staff demonstrating the processes of putting in a line - I love to learn while on a shoot.  These shots will be used as poster throughout the Apatech building in Borehamwood. I have included a few behind the scene shots to show me in action.  


01 02 03 04 05 09 Lab Technician, Apatech - Baxter Healthcare

Behind the scene at Apatech

Great last day working with the two Gemma's from Sanctuary Personnel - that's Gemma Whiley & Gemma Raw. I'm usually hopeless with names so at least that made it easy! It was a busy day shooting clients for Parachute IT,   the shoot took place in the swanky Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon, with it's contemporary interior, it made the perfect location. Thanks Gemma Raw - I'm not usually that side of the camera!

Inovation Warehouse, London

Behind the Scene - Inovation Warehouse, London

Client, Parachute IT, Innovation Warehouse - London Parachute IT, Innovation Warehouse - London Client Case Study,-Parachute IT -Innovation Warehouse - London

It's been a busy year shooting for L & Q providing images for their home life magazine which gets distributed to all of their tenants. I quite often shoot tenants who are champions - these are residents who take on board issues of other residents within their community. A few examples of the shots are below.




Always fond of my food - it was great to be commissioned by Gate Gourmet based at Heathrow  Airport. It was interesting to meet the fantastic chefs behind the food and of course to taste it!


HeadShots, Pair Three, Gate Gourmet - Heathrow HeadShots, Pair One, Gate Gourmet - Heathrow

It's been a busy week shooting for Parachute IT. The brief was to convey the feeling of a friendly approachable business. It was great to shoot some relaxed office staff. The shoot is for their new website that will be launched later in the year.


DSC_0932 DSC_1363

A series of shots to co-inside with the 1st campaign.....I travelled to several sites across the country capturing construction workers putting up window panels and welders making staircases. It was a great experience to see and learn what goes into constructing a building.

People 11 People 12 People 16